Unscientific History of Scientific City
July 5−7. I.P. Pavlov first visited Koltushi accompanied by P. S. Kupalova and A.D. Speransky.
April 15th. The Biological Station was created on the basis of the subsidiary farm and the Institute of Experimental Medicine. Initially, the station was located in a two-story wooden building by the lake (in the former estate of S.A. de Carriere).
Laying the first brick (available by I.P. Pavlov) during the construction of the building
laboratory of genetics of higher nervous activity, the so-called "Old laboratory".
M.V. Nesterov created the first "Koltush" portrait of I.P. Pavlov (stayed with I.P. Pavlov
about 2 weeks in June).
November 1 In Koltushi, the building of the Laboratory of Experimental genetics higher nervous activity (building of the "Old laboratory").
Bus route No. 7 [1] (Finland Station — Porokhovye) has been extended to the village Koltushi.
V.V. was appointed Director of the VIEM Biostation in Koltushi. Rickman.
Two monkeys (Rosa and Raphael) were delivered to Koltushi from France — a gift to I.P.
Pavlov from prof. S.A. Voronova. To contain them, to the laboratory building next to
a special veranda is attached to the central entrance.
On the initiative of P.K. Denisov created the film "Rose and Raphael" ("Lennauchfilm", director
A. Nikolai)
The "Anthropoidnik" building was put into operation, where the chimpanzees Rose and
A scientific library has been opened at the Biostation in Koltushi.
Construction of a three-level cottage for I.P. Pavlov and his family (architect — I.F. Bezpalov).
The hotel building was put into operation (later — New laboratory) (architect — I.F.Bezpalov).
Five cottages were commissioned for the residence of scientific workers (architect —
I.F. Bezpalov)
5th of August. Koltushi visited the participants of the International Congress, including J.
Barcroft, W. Gent, L. Lapick, A. Hill, W. Cannon, O. Frank, D. Fulton.
February 21. I.P. Pavlov visited Koltushi for the last time (he died on February 27, 1936).
March 1. I.P. Pavlov was buried at the Volkovskoye cemetery.
By a resolution of the Presidium of the Leningrad Soviet of Workers, Peasants and
Red Army deputies "On the perpetuation of the memory of Academician Ivan Petrovich
Pavlov" - Koltushi has been renamed to Pavlovo.
In August M.V. Nesterov at the invitation of the family I.P. Pavlov is visiting Koltushi.
The sixth cottage ("Orbeli's house") located at the end of the park on the road to the village of Kolbino was put into operation.
In July, a significant part of the library fund of I.P. Pavlov was sent for evacuation to Samara (13 728 copies — books by I.P. Pavlov, reprints, foreign periodicals).
The Orbeli House houses the headquarters of the 30th Guards Rifle Corps (commander N.P.Simonyak).
Serafima Vasilievna — widow of I.P. Pavlova, Vera Ivanovna — his daughter, Evgenia Sergeevna — the widow of Jr. son of Vsevolod Ivanovich moved from besieged Leningrad to Koltushi.
Evacuation to Kazan of equipment and the main team of employees of the Lebedev Physical Institute of the USSR and Institute of Physiology of I.P. Pavlov in Koltushi.
Chimpanzee Raphael died in Kazan (his skeleton is kept in the Museum of the Anatomical Theater of the Kazan State Medical University).
Completed re-evacuation of the IEFiP VND them. I.P. Pavlova in Koltushi.
English biologist J. Huxley visited Koltushi.
01 August. Resumption of regular bus traffic in Leningrad
Bus transportation on Leningrad — Koltushi — Vsevolozhskaya was resumed (served by buses of the Leningrad AK 29).
May 25. The Porokhovye — Pavlovo bus route was launched.
In front of the building of the New laboratory in the village Pavlovo monument was opened — I.P. Pavlov with a dog (sculptor V.V. Lishev, architect V.I. Yakovlev).
The Perspective plan (1951−1961) was approved for the construction of scientific, residential and auxiliary premises in the village. Pavlovo.
A three-storey residential building was erected at st. Bykov, 23.
To houses on the street. Bykov, 19 and 21, are located to the main street with their ends, extensions are made facing the street with facades.
A three-storey residential building was erected at st. Bykov, 31.
Koltushi was visited by W. Gent.
A new kindergarten was commissioned in Pavlovo.
The second laboratory building was commissioned.
The bus route No. 492 "Leningrad, Mendeleevskaya line — Pavlovo" was opened.
In with. Pavlovo, a new secondary school named after V.I. acad. I.P. Pavlova.
Inhabited residential five-storey building at st. Bykov, 15.
In with. A bath and laundry complex was put into operation in Pavlovo.
Inhabited residential five-storey building at st. Bykov, 13.
A heating plant was commissioned in Pavlovo.
A five-storey residential building was put into operation at st. Bykov, 35.
On the initiative of N.P. Movchan, together with art. S.P. Svetlitsky, in the museum-study of I.P. Pavlov in Koltushi created panoramic paintings and a diorama depicting the stay of I.P. Pavlov in Koltushi.
A residential building was put into operation at st. Bykov, 25.
The popular science films "Monkey Island" (41 min.) And "Boy, Lel, Chinggis and Others" (68 min.) Were released; director — I. Voitenko, screenwriters — V. Lozovsky, L. Firsov, cameramen — A. Erin, N. Sherman (Zavyalov), Y. Levkovich. Lennauchfilm production.
In with. A new canteen was commissioned in Pavlovo.
January 8. Breakthrough of steam heating pipes in building I. 14 thousand units of the library fund were damaged, including the collection of prints by I.P. Pavlova.
The popular science film "Shaggy Robinsons" was released (30 min.); director — I. Voitenko, screenwriters — L. Firsov, Yu. Dmitriev; operators — N. Sherman (Zavyalov), Yu. Levkovich. Lennauchfilm production.
Demolished two-story wooden house at st. Bykov, 17.
The wooden building of the former estate of P.N. Choglokova in the Lower Park (during the war years — a hospital, later — an outpatient clinic).
Inhabited five-storey residential building at st. Bykov, 25a.
At the 14th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, the cultural heritage site "Scientific town of physician-physiologist I.P. Pavlov" was included in the World Heritage List element 540−21b "Pavlovo".