Daria Rozina, Ivan Bobrov, Evgeny Minevsky
The audio installation is dedicated to Alexander Mikhailovich Ugolev, an outstanding scientist known not only for his discoveries in the field of physiology but also for his numerous scientific publications. These publications were largely due to his colleague, friend and unofficial editor of his books, Doctor of Biological Sciences Natalya Nikolaevna Jesuitova. Based on the recollections of Alexander Mikhailovich’s staff and students and a unique archival record that preserved the scientist’s voice, we recreated a scene of dialogue that could have occurred between him and his colleague during work. Imagine that you are in the very office where Alexander Mikhailovich formulates the theses of the concept of natural technologies, explains the phenomenon of membrane digestion and at the same time reads poetry and asks provocative questions. The audio installation expands the traditional understanding of the scientist and reveals his complex and ambiguous image: thoughtful and ironic, serious and charming at the same time.