Environment indicator U4, 2021
Ivan Karpov, Daniil Koronkevich
You can often hear: "I really love plants but I absolutely do not know how to grow them, everything dries up and withers with me."
The problem of watering is quite simple to solve. For example, in a hydroponic plant, the roots of the plant are permanently in the nutrient solution. And the triggering of the moisture level sensor in the sheet itself will mean that the solution is over. Thus the plant itself will tell us when it is time to water it. But what else can plants tell us?

The fact is that solving the problem of watering does not guarantee healthy development. Environmental indicators such as temperature, humidity, light level and atmospheric pressure are extremely important, and also for all living things. This is what unites us. And the deplorable appearance of our houseplants can signal to us that this environment is not entirely suitable for life.

The environment indicator U4 is designed to focus on this idea and by creating a three-dimensional audio-visual image signals the state of living conditions.