Pavlov and active longevity
Walking promotes longevity!
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was the promoter of the idea of active longevity. Pavlov believed: without physical activity the human brain will not be active.

Pavlov was fond of gymnastics, physical exercises and sports. Pavlov said that mental work is based on a good physical condition of the body. Even in old age he went skiing, rode a bicycle. During his summer holidays in Koltushi, he swam in the lake every morning in any weather until late autumn.

In the first years of his dacha life, Pavlov got a two-wheeled friend of the Enfield company. He kept it exceptionally carefully thanks to which the "iron horse" always shone and sparkled.

Pavlov was considered a first-class walker that was difficult to keep up with. In St. Petersburg he always walked a lot, often getting from home to the Institute through half the city in any weather. Already at the age of 70 he walked from Porokhovie (east of the modern city) to Koltushi by foot in the absence of transport links (12 km).