Ivan Pavlov. Milestones in life
26 (14) .09.1849 Born in Ryazan.

1860−1864 Studied at the Ryazan Theological School.

1864−1869 Studied at the Ryazan Theological Seminary.

1870−1875 Studied at the Natural Sciences Department of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University.

1895 Awarded the gold medal of the University "Prosperous" (together with M. Afanasyev) for the work "On the nerves that govern the work of the pancreas."

1875−1879 Studied at the Medico-Surgical Academy.

1876−1878 He worked as an assistant to Professor K.N. Ustimovich at the Department of Physiology of the Veterinary Department of the Medico-Surgical Academy.

1879 Began to work in the physiological laboratory at the clinic of S.B. Botkin Medico-Surgical Academy.

May 25, 1881. Married S.V. Karchevskaya.

May 21, 1883 He defended his thesis "Central nerves of the heart".

1884−1886 He was abroad (in Breslau and Leipzig) and worked in the laboratory of R. Heidenhain and K. Ludwig.

1888 Awarded the Adam Chojnacki Prize by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Warsaw.

1890−1895 Head of the Department of Pharmacology at the Military Medical Academy (VMA).

1891−1936 He was in charge of the physiological department of the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

1895−1925 Head of the Department of Physiology of the Military Medical Academy.

1897 Published the first monograph "Lectures on the work of the digestive glands".

1901 Elected Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences.

October 7, 1904 Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

December 1, 1907 Elected as an ordinary academician of the Academy of Sciences.

1907−1925 Director of the Physiological Laboratory of the Academy of Sciences.

1910 Awarded for distinction in the service of privy councilors.

1913 Appointed Director Emeritus of the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

1923 Published the book "Twenty Years of Objective Study of the Higher Nervous Activity (Behavior) of Animals".

July 5, 1924. Visited Koltushi for the first time.

1925−1936 Director of the Physiological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

On February 27, 1936, he died at 2 hours 52 minutes.